Virtual Chief Financial Officer


Your long-term financial success is our mission.  As an Insurance Agency owner, you need proven ways to align your long-term financial goals with the agency goals, evaluate progress, and establish accountability for reaching them.  Our Virtual Chief Financial Officer (vCFO) service is designed to help you develop more successful financial plans and ways to execute them so you can take your agency where you want to go.

Our vCFO service focuses on providing insightful financial data that will support making better strategic financial decisions for your agency. The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can range from $120,000 to over $200,000 per year plus bonuses and benefits. Our vCFO service provides you with critical data and monthly discussions about how to use the information at a small fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.  Additionally, we have no competing agenda so our feedback is candid and unbiased.

Data Driven Direction

Making decisions based on actual data compared to agency goals.

Today’s successful businesses are data driven. We begin by working with you to determine your long-term financial goals for your agency. Using those goals, we develop profit, sales, service, and overhead targets that will move you in your desired direction.

 Each month your agency’s actual financial data will be measured against your long-term goals presented in visual formats including our unique Insurance Agency Financial Compass (Compass). The Compass visual makes it obvious where agency management decisions need to be made for the biggest impact to achieve your overall long-term financial goals.

The Discussion

Monthly analysis and expert advice based on your agency’s data.

Aligning your business objectives with your long-term financial objectives is critical to achieving success. In addition to reviewing typical financial statements information, our VCFO service includes having monthly discussions with a CPA about the financial data and the performance compared to your financial Compass.

By creating a routine of short effective monthly meetings, your team can spot trends, identify issues, and re-chart the course business with ease.  Long-term financial goals are kept top-of-mind, and agency decisions are made in line with progress towards those goals.

Many insurance agencies only work with their CPA after the end of the year at tax time.  Waiting until year-end to review the financial condition of the agency is detrimental since there is no opportunity to realign business processes and objectives with overall agency financial goals. 

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