Client Testimonials

"Regardless of what stage your business is in Angela Adams is a great accelerator of change. We would not be where we are today if it was not for the AA team. Investing in Angela Adams has been a positive Return On Investment. Having established relationship with Angela Adams we can scale the amount of services we use to meet our immediate need."
Ryan T. Miller
Miller Insurance Agency
"I truly believe that the reason our agency operates so smoothly now on the AMS system is because of the training, follow-up and continued involvement of Angela. Simply put, Angela is the best, and I am glad we found her. Besides her computer and AMS knowledge, she is very sharp in insurance and has been a big help to me many times in coverage and market issues. With all that said, now let me tell you the most important part of my relationship with Angela- she is a good friend who always does the very best to help me out when I call her. Thanks Angela!"
Joe B. Morton
Ripley Insurance Agency
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"Thanks to Angela Adams Consulting Services, we have been able to grow our agency consistently over the past 15 years knowing our commissions and accounting are being handled with perfection."
Jacquelyn Welch
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“We have been working with Angela Adams and Angela Adams Consulting Services for at least 20 years.  She has helped us, not only with training our associates, but has provided assistance with Account Managers and Accounting backup when needed.  Her staff is always thorough and professional.  Angela is always quick to respond and always has time to answer the simplest of questions.  We all love her and her associates. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Teresa Yount
Correll Insurance Group
“Jeanne Stark and the Angela Adams team have been fantastic. We all know the hiring market is hard and finding great talent means they may not walk in with insurance experience. Angela Adams helped us create an Insurance 101 course for our newest team members. The team members continue to thrive under their tutelage, the newest already helping take over a book of business temporarily 3 months into her employment with very limited insurance experience. We have full confidence in the employee because of the training she’s had with the AA Team. I love that they provide detailed notes on what was covered in the class, are very open about concerns that arise, willing to do additional training and any check-in’s we need. I cannot recommend the team at Angela Adams more.”
Dee Rosado, Agency Operations Manager
Robins Insurance Agency - Nashville, TN
I just wanted to say again how much your firm has meant to the success of our agency. Our association with you, which goes back over ten years now, has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to computing, accounting and customer service. I look forward to many more years of your continued consulting services. As we grow and our needs change, I am confident that you will be there every step of the way and we will continue to reap the benefit of your experience and expertise."
Robert McEver
McEver & Tribble, Inc.
Hiring Angela Adams Consulting has been one of best decisions we have made for our agency since going with AMS 360. Our consultant, Renee Marshall, has done an outstanding job in assessing and helping us with utilization and best practices. Renee has become a member of our agency family, truly exemplifying a genuine caring for us to be the best agency possible. I highly recommend the Angela Adams Group."
Richard H. Pardue
S.S. Nesbitt & Co.
"I hired Angela to train the agency that converted to 360 from Applied and to come into our agency and answer the many questions that the staff had on workflow. It was money well spent. She did an excellent job with the new agency and made me and the staff very happy by showing us simple shortcuts and little tricks to make our workflow much easier."
Cheryl D. Huff
Chastain & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.
"Angela Adams Consulting Services has been a lifesaver for our agency. When we purchased AMS360, we didn’t realize the learning curve that would be involved. Once we went live, we realized we needed help to use the system efficiently. Consultant, Margaret Stahl, is more than a systems consultant. She is an invaluable source of agency knowledge.  She provided on-site training to our staff and evaluated our individual needs."
Lori Nagel
Whitten Group, LLC
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"Angela Adams Consulting is a professional, customer driven organization. It's refreshing to deal with an organization that understands accounting and client services specific to our industry and pricing that can't be beat. Your service team has done an amazing job handling our business and find great comfort knowing my accounting needs are being handled with care and urgency. Working with Angela Adams Consulting has been a pleasure."
Bart Le Fevre
Commercial Global Insurance Services of CA, LLC
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'We have used Angela Adams for customer service, accounting, and training throughout our company. Not only are the staff highly knowledgeable, they are responsive and communicate well. They have been able to help us with little notice, and we are very thankful!"
The VITI Companies:
Guy Viti Insurance Agency and Viti Financial Services
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“Angela Adams Consulting plays a valuable role in our agency operations. Debbie Dietz is the backbone of our accounting department and has empowered our staff to function with confidence knowledge. Angela Adams Consulting is the best investment you can make!”
Letha O'Neil
Herbie Wiles Insurance
"Our agency has partnered with Angela Adams Consulting Services since their inception.  Angela and her staff both have a knowledge of AMS360 and insurance agency workflows that is unparalleled in our industry.  Our agency is more efficient and productive thanks to Angela Adams Consulting Services."
Greg Holt
Pritchett-Moore, Inc.
"I highly recommend using Angela Adams Consulting. They thoroughly prepared us for our conversion to AMS360 from the initial set up to and including all facets of client services. Our people felt much more at ease with the change because of Angela and her staff."
Mark S. Gilbert
Gilbert Insurance
Angela Adams Consulting Services transferred all the account from one management system to AMS360 and did a great job for my agency. I do not know what I would have done with out their help. They did it is a very timely manner and it was well worth having them do it for what it cost me."
Don L. Burke
Lake Insurance Agency
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