Current Openings

Stategic-Minded Accountant

The strategic-minded accountant is responsible for the financial operations of the company. You will be tasked with overseeing our financial records and accounting to ensure accuracy, mitigate risk, improve forecasting and budgeting, as well as maintaining compliance. In addition to establishing, monitoring, and enforcing internal controls, we will also look to you for financial reporting.


Insurance Specialist/ CSR

Insurance CSR’s provide remote CSR services (commercial lines & personal lines) to our agency clients using AMS360 in the professional standard as set by Angela Adams Consulting Services, Inc. 

Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist is an entry-level position with amazing potential to grow with our company. Start out doing direct bill processing and data entry, and we will teach you the skills you need to advance.


Accounting Account Manager

Do you want to be challenged?   This position will greatly expand your knowledge of both accounting and AMS360 as you learn not how one agency is using AMS360 – but how multiple agencies are using the system.  You will be supported by a team so you can focus on helping agencies reach their financial goals

Insurance Agency Trainer

By sharing YOUR knowledge and experience.  You will be able to help people on a scale not possible when you work for an agency.   We work with agencies that are growing rapidly and need our help

Insurance Agency Consultant

Multiply your passion and enthusiasm for our industry by building relationships with agencies and helping them achieve success. Combine your experience in insurance, operations, leadership, and technology to help agencies prosper in today’s environment. 

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