Staff Assessments

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Angela Adams Consulting Assessment tools can shed light on where you are today so that you can focus on what will make the biggest impact on your success in the coming year.

You can not plan for future success without knowing where you currently stand. Our tools provide an in-depth analysis of how your team is performing along with expert advice on changes you can make to provide a major impact on your overall strategic plan.

Online AMS360 Proficiency Assessment

Our challenging online assessments will provide valuable insight on how well employees are leveraging the software to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy. Once the self-paced online assessment has been completed, your agency will be provided detailed feedback that pinpoints problem areas and identifies plans for necessary improvements.

Utilization Review / Procedure Manual Audit

This is the most in-depth analysis of staff! Start getting the peace of mind you deserve when reflecting on overall agency operations. Feel more in control and gain the confidence that your agency is efficient and protected from E&O losses.

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