New Bookkeeper Training


Insurance agency accounting is very different from traditional accounting. Accountants, without insurance experience, are not equipped with the necessary skill set to maintain the financial records of agencies appropriately. For agencies where employees wear multiple hats, Account Managers and CSRs, aren’t inherently good at proper bookkeeping methods.

Equip new employees for success by investing in a proven program that will prepare new bookkeepers for success in the complicated world of insurance agency accounting. Our proprietary training program consists of 20 hours of intense, one-on-one, guidance through the monthly activities of an agency bookkeeper!

Throughout the training, our accounting trainers will instill confidence in employees and management, guaranteeing that training is completed according to procedures, industry best practices, and AMS360 standards. Led by industry and software experts, the training is completed 100% remotely saving your agency time and money. Each phase of the training is conducted in segments according to the accounting cycle allowing the trainee to ask relevant, agency-specific questions, and to put concepts into practice immediately.

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