How To Desk

How To Desk


Are you having trouble getting an answer to a simple question? We have the answer! Get registered for our How To Desk and get quick answered to nagging questions. 

There are a number of scenarios where your agency may find the How To Desk useful. You may be performing a function the same way that you learned it years ago. The How To Desk staff can offer new options and fresh perspectives to streamline your daily routine.

Vertafore support is the right source for fixing system problems and error messages, but they are not designed to help agencies with exactly “how to” do something. That is why we created the How To Desk. This is an easy way for agencies to get quick answers regarding how to use AMS360. Angela Adams Consulting Services offers a 2-hour response time during working hours and we utilize 60 associates with expertise in all areas of insurance agency operations  and AMS360.

I only do a few agency bill installment plans a year, and I do not remember how to setup an installment billing.


Is there an easy way to copy a customer’s certificate holder list or equipment schedule into AMS360?

Is there a way to hide the ACORD forms for states we do not write in?

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