Employee Spotlight – Judy Chandler

Celebrating Angela Adams Consulting 20 Years Anniversary we have been fortunate to have some of the most knowledgable, professional, and hard-working individuals in the Insurance Industry. We would like to introduce you to some of them.

10+ Years of Service Judy Chandler- Accounting Account Manager

“I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary with Angela Adams Consulting.  I have been in the Insurance/Accounting business since 1991.  Accounting has always fit me and, when you put Insurance into the mix it becomes very interesting.

Working for Angela Adams Consulting has been amazing! Going from an office environment of 20 years to remote working took a bit to get used to.  The flexibility of time has so many nice perks… not to mention the commute to my office. Traffic is light!  I get up in the morning, walk down the hall, and take a left into my home office.  How great is that?!

I am part of the Western Regional Team.  All of my co-workers are very knowledgeable and dependable. We have built a solid working relationship with each other, and built friendships as well. Working as a team, I have learned some amazing tips and tricks to help in my everyday work life, and I’ve passed along some of those to my clients to make their tasks easier as well.

I have a wonderful group of clients. I love each of them and their staff. Over the 10 years with Angela Adams Consulting, I have also developed some really great friendships with my clients. I always give each of them 110% each and every day.

A couple of times a year we have a company-wide virtual conference get-togethers.  It is great to hear from the other regional teams and share experiences and knowledge. We have lots of fun with games and prizes too!

Angela Adams Consulting has the full package for employees, as well as servicing our clients. We are all in this together as a team. Strong, dependable, and knowledgeable!”

~Judy Chandler, Accounting Account Manager

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