Employee Spotlight – Amanda Reynolds

Celebrating Angela Adams Consulting 20 Years Anniversary we have been fortunate to have some of the most knowledgable, professional, and hard-working individuals in the Insurance Industry. We would like to introduce you to some of them.

Spotlight: Meet our Accounting Processor Manager Amanda Reyolds

When and why did you start work at Angela Adams Consulting?

I started with Angela Adams Consulting in April of 2020, when my partner, son, and I were getting ready to move to South Carolina to be closer to the family after my partner had gone through months of chemo and radiation. Elyse Betschart (Western Regional Manager), a coworker of mine at a previous job, asked if I would need employment. Of course, it sounded too good to be true, to work from home and be able to see our son on and off the bus every day. It was meant to be! With much curiosity and excitement for what was to come, I accepted and started my journey in the insurance world with Angela Adams Consulting.

What has been your favorite memory thus far?

My favorite memory so far has to be Virtual Conference. It was so great to see everyone with their Mickey Ears and cookies ready to learn. I was amazed at how much thought and planning that they had put into making the experience fun and interactive for all. It makes me feel incredible to know that I am a part of a company that puts so much effort into making sure all of their employees feel appreciated, seen, and heard!

How has Angela Adams Consulting helped you grow?

I never imagined myself working from home or even thought about it as an option. But over the last year and a half working with Angela Adams Consulting, I finally feel like I have found my niche. The skills I have learned since coming on board have helped me grow my career and helped me in all other aspects of life. From communication and organization, to teamwork and friendships, there are so many areas that Angela Adams Consulting has helped me to improve and grow.

What has changed the most since you started with Angela Adams Consulting?

The world we live in. When I first started with Angela Adams Consulting, the global pandemic was still in its early days. Working from home was rare and sometimes seemed improbable. Today this has almost become the new normal. As people begin to return to their offices and back to their in-person jobs, I feel so blessed to continue what I do from home. I’m so thankful that Angela Adams made her dream of balancing work and home life a reality.

What do you look forward to most in the upcoming years with Angela Adams Consulting?

I look forward to continuing to grow and learn. I have come so far in a year and a half, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. I hope to be able to continue to learn and help others do the same along the way.

 If you can summarize Angela Adams Consulting in 3 Words what would they be?

“We are family.” Much like any family, at Angela Adams Consulting, we face trials and tribulations, but we also share good times and memories. Whether they be unexpected projects, coming together to help one another out, or the Virtual conferences where we enjoy interacting with one another while continuing our education in our respective fields. Our family here at Angela Adams Consulting always comes together to get it done.

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