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Speakers from Angela Adams Consulting Services are dynamic presenters that combine experience and know-how with enthusiasm and charisma, leaving audiences enlightened and empowered!  Our Consultants have a unique ability to convey complex messages to any size audience for maximum benefit. Attendees often marvel at the infusion of best practices, tricks, and tips that they can take home and use right away.

We are happy to customize any session below or develop fresh content based on your needs. Contact us or call (888) 485-7779 to schedule your session today!


Disasters D.P.R. (Defining, Planning, Recovery)

Is your agency prepared? This session will provide a checklist to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools for whatever comes your way. Fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes all have different impacts on your agency – and you must have a plan.

The Internal Audit

Put a system in place to monitor, quality-check, and protect your agency’s security and your client’s well-being. This session will explain how to review CSRs, producers, and accounting, and outline report parameters you can generate from your agency management system to provide the feedback needed to evaluate performance.

Imaging Options

In today’s world, being paperless is your only option if you want to maximize efficiency, maintain accuracy, and save money. However, there are many options to achieve this paperless office – and countless challenges to adopting this mentality. In this session, we will review the pros and cons of your various options and discuss other aspects you need to consider in implementing your paperless program.

Time Management for Account Managers

Make sure your team is equipped with proven techniques that eliminate duplicate efforts and minimize manual and tedious processes. This ensures your agency saves time and money! Attendees will learn methods to simplify processes, including going paperless, improving producer relationships, and prioritizing desk management.

Collaborative Team Model

Having a truly collaborative team of employees leads to increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and lower stress levels! Learn how to achieve this level of smooth, behind-the-scenes operations. In this session, we will review practices that are common sense, but often uncommon, to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs, each providing the best service to your clients.

The Well Run Agency

Retaining and growing a profitable customer base whose needs are proactively met is crucial to your agency’s survival. We will show you how to evaluate your customer’s experience, how to improve efficiency with service teams, and how to implement assessment techniques to ensure team success. In this session, we will explain where and how to look at various areas of agency operations to make sure your agency is operating at its fullest potential.

The Customer Experience

You need to have control of your customers’ and potential customers’ experience when working with your agency to ensure long-term success and growth. Gaining customers and keeping them is paramount to growing and sustaining your agency. In this session, we will cover how to evaluate key areas of interaction to improve first impressions with prospects and how to establish healthy, long-term relationships with clients.


Accounting AMS360 Topics

  • AMS360 Accounting Best Practices
  • An Agency Principal’s Guide to AMS360 Accounting
  • Top Ten Cool Features for Accounting
  • The Proactive Bookkeeper
  • Why Your Reports Aren’t Accurate
  • The Paperless Accounting Department
  • What You Don’t Know About Direct Bill Commission Download

WorkSmart Topics

  • Why WorkSmart is going to Transform Agencies
  • WorkSmart Tips and Tricks
  • WorkSmart Workflow Reviews

Vertafore Agency Platform Topics

  • Preparing for Agency Platform
  • Agency Platform Overview
  • Exploring the WorkQueue and QuickNavs
  • Client Portal
  • Sales Track
  • What is new in Agency Platform

AMS360 Topics

  • What is new in AMS360
  • Account Manager Workflows
  • Document Management with Doc360
  • Sales Tools
  • Making the Most of AMS360
  • Operations Reports
  • My Agency Reports
  • Renewal Management
  • Top Ten Cool Features for Account Managers
  • Submissions A to Z
  • Vertafore Reporting and Classic Reports
  • A Day in the Life of a Account Manager
  • Custom Proposals
  • Creating Specialty Lines of Business
  • Target Lists and Campaigns

Sagitta Topics

  • Standard Commercial
  • Standard Personal
  • Invoicing & Advanced Invoicing
  • Tip & Tricks
  • Data Auditing
  • Marketing
  • Prospecting
  • Planning New Employee Training
  • Crystal Reports
  • Report Builder
  • Integrated Letters
  • Integrated Proposals
  • Personalization Health Checks
  • Automated Direct Bill Reconciliation

All Systems Topics

  • The Customer Experience
  • Internal Audit
  • Cyber Risk
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Collaborative Team Model
  • Microsoft Office
  • Producer Plus
  • Imaging Options
  • Time Management for Account Managers
  • Disasters D.P.R. (Defining, Planning, Recovery)
  • Insurance Basics for the Beginner
  • Train the Trainer
  • Forensic Accounting

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