Blog Post- Who is Carol Jo?

If you have visited a website recently, you may have noticed a “hello, how can we help?” pop-up that prompts you to ask a question.  This interaction is usually with a chatbot and has become commonplace on many websites. Website chatbots are designed to help you with quick responses to common questions.

Have you noticed that we have an automated and interactive chat on our website? When you have a question and need a quick response, and an email or a phone call is not convenient. Meet our chatbot, Carol Jo!

The name of our chatbot has a significant and personal meaning to our team.  It combines the names of real people who’ve had a considerable impact on the lives of so many people.

Carol Medeiros is a former employee of Angela Adams Consulting who tragically lost her battle with cancer a few years ago.  She is remembered often for her lasting contributions to our company.

“I knew Carol when she worked for Vertafore and always admired her knowledge, especially in accounting. When she was ready to take a step back from traveling full-time, we were fortunate to add her to our team. Carol’s wisdom and knowledge were such a blessing at a time when our company was young. Her untimely death was a loss not just for her friends at Angela Adams Consulting but for the whole industry.”

– Angela Adams, President

“Carol and I worked together the entire time she was here after I came onboard.  She was my official mentor, and she was a great one! I could always depend on her to help me with a question or a concern, especially when I was learning AMS360. I was well versed in AFW when I came onboard and learned AMS360 very quickly. I attribute my ability to catch on to AMS360 so quickly to Carol. I was really sad to see her leave us when she did, but I understand why she did. She was in the beginning stages of the illness that eventually took her life. She was full of life and loved to laugh… and we did a lot of laughing. She was always pleasant with fellow employees and customers. Her customers certainly loved her, too.”

– Debbie Dietz, Accounting Leader

The name Jo has two personal meanings. Jo is short for Joseph Adams, Angela Adams’s son and part of her “why” for launching the company. Joann Horton is Angela Adams’s sister who has served not only as the supportive, hardworking sibling but also as CFO and now Board Member.

When you visit Angela Adams Consulting’s website, our chatbot, Carol Jo, will greet you and help guide you to the answers you need or a live representative.  We hope you will take advantage of this benefit. As always, we appreciate YOU!

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