Welcome to the BigTime Circus: How We’re Turning Our System Conversion into a Show-Stopping Success!

In the world of business technology, a system conversion can often feel like a high-wire act—exciting yet perilous. But at our company, we’re turning what could be a chaotic circus into a thrilling spectacle of efficiency and employee engagement. Our latest endeavor? A dual system conversion of our project management and accounting systems, coupled with enhancements to our CRM. Here’s how we’re ensuring this massive project is as smooth and successful as possible. 


Choosing the Right Theme: The BigTime Circus

With the major shift to the BigTime project management and timekeeping system, we embraced the “BigTime Circus” theme to inject some fun and maintain high spirits across the organization. We’re serious about not letting the conversion turn into a real circus. The whimsy of the theme serves as a light-hearted backdrop for our critical, focused work. 


Building a Strong Team

Success in such a complex project comes from the people behind it. We have assembled a stellar team comprising members from HR, employee development, administration, marketing, and crucially, a committee of end users. This cross-functional team is dedicated to tailoring the new systems to enhance our workflows and boost efficiency dramatically. 


Effective Communication and Training

Change can be daunting, so we’ve taken significant steps to ensure everyone is on board and well-informed: 

  • Multimedia Messaging: We’ve utilized a mix of video and written communications to cater to different learning preferences across the company.
  • On-Demand Training: Recognizing the varying schedules of our staff, we’ve developed several concise, on-demand training sessions to ensure that help is available whenever it’s needed.
  • Dedicated Internal Webpage: A specially created internal webpage serves as the go-to resource for all conversion-related materials, including extensive FAQs and troubleshooting guides.
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Each week, we host live sessions where team members can ask questions, provide feedback, and get real-time support. 


Leadership and Vision

None of this would resonate without strong leadership. Our CEO has been instrumental, providing transparent, heartfelt video messages explaining the reasons for the change. This not only helps in aligning everyone to the company’s vision but also reinforces the benefits that these new systems will bring to our everyday work lives. 


Celebrating the Launch

Recognizing the potential stress such a significant change can bring, we decided to surprise our staff with a fun, anti-stress themed gift to be opened during the launch week. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in showing our appreciation for everyone’s hard work and adaptability. 


Conclusion: The Show Must Go On!

By turning our system conversion into the “BigTime Circus,” we have not only managed to keep engagement and morale high but also ensured that the transition is smooth and successful. We believe that by investing in the right resources, extensive training, and continuous support, any company can turn a daunting system conversion into a celebrated success. So, let the curtains rise and the show commence, as we continue to perform this spectacular balancing act of technology and teamwork! 

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