Virtually Speaking – The Language of Managing Remote Employees

For an increasing number of businesses, telework is proving to be an opportune benefit for employers and employees…. and we’re a prime example!  Just like our company, business needs do not always require employees to work from a central business site or be present at an office.

In some organizations, office space may be limited and thus teleworking is the answer. Or, the option to telework can be viewed as a valuable benefit to promote a more harmonious work/life balance, or foster creativity and better customer service.  No matter the reason you look to telework as an option for your staff, a home office checklist is an important part of implementing a good remote worker program. 

A checklist like this can help your organization provide a means of objectively evaluating the work space that an employee wants to use.  It helps determine whether the site is safe, and if it is an effective work space for your employee to perform as expected in a home office setting.

If you are still in the beginning stages of introducing a work from home program within your agency, we can help you construct a well-rounded, fair, secure, and successful program. We’ll assist you in evaluating positions and employees for your telework program, writing policies and procedures, and monitoring performance.  Call us today at (888) 485-7779 to learn more!  Or complete our Contact Us form and our Virtual Human Resources Manager will be in touch!


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