Sitkins Group, Inc. & Angela Adams Consulting partner for The Better Way

Sitkins Group, Inc. announces Angela Adams Consulting as content and training partner of The Better Way Agency program

MT. PLEASANT, SC  JUNE 24, 2015 – Today, Roger Sitkins, president of Sitkins Group, Inc., announces that Angela Adams Consulting Services, Inc. has joined The Better Way Agency program as content and training partner.

“The Better Way Agency program is truly transformational,” said Roger Sitkins. “We teach agencies how to move from a commodity-based business model to a relationship-based model-where every customer is profitable for the agency.  Angela Adams and her team at Angela Adams Consulting, as our content and training partner, is a natural fit.   With Angela Adams Consulting’s real-world expertise in internal training and operations’ transformation, we are going to change the way agencies do business.  I am so excited to have Angela and her team as part of The Better Way Agency model – they are the real deal!” Roger frequently uses a quote of Thomas Edison’s, “There’s a way to do it better – find it!” “I have found the best partners in the industry including Angela Adams Consulting for content and training of The Better Way Agency program.”  “Before signing the partnership agreement”, Angela says, “Roger and I took the time to make sure our philosophies were in alignment regarding independent agencies and what would make them a Better Way Agency, and it was amazing how in sync we are about every aspect of the Better Way Program.  We are extremely excited to be involved in this project and truly believe that The Better Way program will be transformational for our industry.”


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