New & Improved Agency Report Card

In our experience, agency owners are far more comfortable and skillful in sales versus financial management. However, managing your agency blindfolded to the financial health of your agency is risky.
Agency owners who are aware of their agency’s financial condition can:
    • Make acquisition, opportunity and expense decisions more confidently,
    • Better manage their team,
    • Reduce E&O exposure, and
    • Eliminate surprises at tax time.

We’ve offered hundreds of agencies valuable advice and direction through our Report Card product. And now, we’ve revamped our proprietary process and delivery method.

“A few years ago we decided we needed to have someone look at our accounting to see how we were really doing when it came to keeping our books clean and up to date.  We had Angela Adams Consulting do a Report Card to provide thorough, honest feedback and direction on which areas needed attention. I’m proud to share we received great results and only had a couple of areas we needed to look into. Being able to have someone else validate that I was doing things correctly was so valuable.  Plus, it gave the owners peace of mind knowing that what they were seeing was correct.  I highly recommend every agency have a Report Card assessment.”   

Janie Ussery with Ragland, Stother & Lafitte

Learn from the best accounting minds in the industry how to streamline processes and clean up hidden risks, giving you peace of mind and more reliable financials.


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