Operations Management at its Finest!

Can you tell we wanted to kick things up a notch in 2017?  Its only February and we have already launched our third amazing new client-focused initiative!  Lighthouse Lessons, our revamped online learning program was turbo-charged creativity and practical knowledge and segmented so that each session is catered to particular roles within an agency. Virtual CFO was launched to provide a solution to agencies who needed financial oversight and direction but they were either challenged with finding the right person they could trust or didn’t want to invest in a full-time, in-house employee.  And now, we are so thrilled to announce the addition of Virtual Operations Management to our growing list of solutions!  If you have been fretting over the thought that your agency could do things better and faster, and you’ve been wishing for an extra pair of experienced eyes and ears looking out for your agency’s best interest – then you are about to LOVE our newest offering!  Read More HERE!

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