Why use a MAP from Angela Adams Consulting

Lori Nagel, with the Whitten Group LLC, a Nationwide Agency, is confident her agency operations are in good working order. After going live with AMS360, her agency determined they were not using the software as efficiently as they had hoped. Sound like a familiar challenge?  

Silver Partner, Angela Adams Consulting Services Inc., understands what agencies need to fully leverage the investment made in software, and they have a long track record of helping agencies:  

  • Realize time saving benefits expected from software 
  • Implement software features that were meant to be used such as Policy Download and Renewal Management 
  • Adjust original set-ups for better workflows 
  • Develop/audit procedures for more efficient processes, consistent among all staff 
  • Overcome challenges with QuickBooks for accounting 
  • Have confidence in financials and/or reports  
  • Obtain helpful production reports  
  • Clean-up messy databases  

 The strength of their team is the combined proficiency in every aspect of the insurance industry, including accounting, customer service, operations, software use, strategic planning, procedure manuals, agency management and so much more.   

Angela Adams Consulting has been a lifesaver for our agency. When we purchased AMS360 we didn’t realize the learning curve that would be involved. Once we went live we realized we needed help to use the system efficiently. Consultant, Margaret Stahl, is more than a systems consultant. She is an invaluable source of agency knowledge.  She provided onsite training and guidance to our staff and evaluated our individual needs. 

With Angela Adams Consulting Services as her new trusted advisors, Lori is confident her team and her software are working harmoniously!  She is equipped with a Management Action Plan that will ensure positive long-term results.   

We can help your agency too! We partner uniquely with each one of our clients developing plans that are more than just goals with vague initiatives.  We listen to you, we hear your priorities, and then we think outside the box to provide customized solutions, in an actionable format.

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