Lighthouse Lesson Plans for 2019

We are busy lining up the live, interactive Lighthouse Lessons for the 2019 calendar. We are incorporating them into our Lighthouse Academy for better tracking, access to recordings and handouts. Check out the courses we are including so far and let us know what else you’d like to see on the calendar!

Click here to see the Lighthouse Lessons for 2018.

So far we are planning…

    • Renewal Management
    • System Admin Series
    • Client Portal Series
    • Report Series
    • Generational Issues in Agencies Series
    • My Agency Home Series
    • SalesTrack
    • Setting up your Budget
    • Target Lists in AMS360
    • Accounting Setups
    • Commission Setups
    • Performance Management
    • CPA Training
    • The Form I-9
    • WorkSmart – Are your workflows working for your agency?
    • WorkSmart & AMS360, Life of an Endorsement
  • Why Your Reports Aren’t Accurate
  • CSR Download
  • Creative Reporting
  • Producers Guide to AMS360
  • Automating Your Renewal Process
  • Job Descriptions
  • Account Rounding with AMS360 data mining tools
  • Why Culture Matters
  • The AMS360 Renewal Tool
  • My Agency Reports
  • FLSA Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
  • AMS360 Setups
  • HR Requirements for Virtual Employees
  • My Agency Home, WorkQue, and AMS360 – Working Together Seamlessly
  • Improving your Business Process

Don’t see something that piques your interest? Tell us what you want! 

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