If Your CSRs and Account Managers are Overworked, It May be Time to Implement Download

As an Agency Principal, We’re Betting You Have a Full Plate. 

You are probably hearing complaints from your account managers and CSR’s about being overworked, not having enough time in the day, or that they are drowning!  This challenging market has everyone stretched thin, and the current employment market isn’t helping.  Are your service people primarily acting as data processors?  Have your producers had to step in to service their clients?  If the answers are yes, it is time to implement Download; not just for personal lines, but for commercial lines as well. 

Downloading through your agency management software can be an absolute blessing!  If you aren’t utilizing this option, it is time to reconsider.     

Why Implement Download?

Download improves the efficiency of loading data into your agency management software.  Transactions are often updated daily and include premiums.  These transactions can consist of new business, renewals, endorsements, audits, cancellations, reinstatements, renewal quotes, claims, and claim notes, to name a few.  Some carriers will even download a copy of the policy directly into your system, eliminating the need for your account manager to seek it out from other sources.    

Download reduces the need for printing and mailing hardcopy policies to insureds, reduces Errors and Omissions, and is more environmentally friendly!  It also speeds turnaround time and eliminates extra data entry.  (Once again, helping with your E&O).    

Download ensures up-to-date policy status, enhances system data accuracy, and lets you know ahead of renewals when the premium increases.   Wouldn’t it be great to have that information before your client sees it? 

Imagine contacting your customer before the renewal, to let them know you are aware the premium is going up this year.  You can then let them know that you are already on top of it and working on their behalf to ensure that they have the best coverage and premium available.  This will save a few angry phone calls, not to mention give your account managers time to remarket and review coverage.  Now, all of this sounds amazing, right?  It truly is.  but to be fair, Download does have some challenges. 

Download Challenges

Not all matching data is available in all fields all the time.  For instance, the year built on your client’s property may not flow over on the Download.  We know this can be tough for account managers and producers, but hopefully, this information has been saved in a previous submission or throughout your management software. 

Download in the past has had some issues, but many of the problems have been addressed, and for those that haven’t, we have quick workarounds that mitigate any challenges.  More and more carriers are utilizing download technology than ever before.  Download is there to save your account manager’s time and sanity.   You don’t want your higher-paid, upper-level account managers acting as data processors.  You need them to have time for client interaction!      

How Angela Adams Consulting Can Help

Angela Adams Consulting can help you implement Download seamlessly!  We can even analyze what companies and lines of business you could be downloading but aren’t.  We specialize in Vertafore products and can have you up and running in a snap.  Words like “IVANS” and “daily reports” are our first language. 

Do you have questions about Download?  We can absolutely help!  If you are getting resistance to implementing download, go ahead and schedule a session with one of our consultants that can go over the facts and myths about download with you.  Fill out our contact form here.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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