Human Resources

Often, smaller agencies overlook the use of an HR manager. This is because these agencies are used to wearing multiple hats. As a result, agencies spend time juggling the day-to-day responsibilities of an HR manager.

What exactly does an HR position entail….


One of the most essential duties of an HR manager is recruiting. Recruiting is not about finding candidates, but the right candidate. The process begins with creating job descriptions that accurately describe the role as well as employee benefits. 


Onboarding can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s important to do it right as this process sets new hires up for success. Getting this right from day one decreases employee turnover, saving your agency timely costs.

Performance Management

As an agency owner, from the time your employees begin work, you want to ensure your employees are productive. In today’s remote climate, managing performance has become a big concern. HR managers can alleviate this concern by tracking the accuracy and timeliness of the work employees perform.

Payroll Processing and Reporting

The payroll process ensures your employees are accurately compensated for the time and work they performed. Salary, time off, employee benefits, taxes, and leave are all factors a part of the process. This process can be timely, especially if there are errors.

Company Culture

As an agency owner, company culture should be one of the most important facets of your workplace, as this is a crucial component of a successful business. Company culture drives employee engagement and decreases employee turnover.


Termination is not a fun word to hear nor is it an easy process to partake in, regardless of what seat you are in. When it comes to the termination process, HR Managers are skilled and trained to guide you through the process from telling your employee to the documentation of the termination in payroll.

Human Resources

Are you tired of wearing too many hats in your agency? With our virtual HR Manager, your agency can redirect time spent from HR tasks to management operations.
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