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Can Your Agency Outsell Its Operational Inefficiencies?

The answer is no! At least, not in the long term.  As agency owners, we can be lulled into the false sense of security that we can sell our way out of operational problems.  Selling is what we do best!  Operational challenges often need solutions that aren’t in the skillset of an agency owner, and ultimately these challenges will negatively impact the bottom line.   Where do we allocate what little time we are willing to spend outside of our comfort zone to yield the most positive results?

At Angela Adams Consulting, we have identified key areas agency managers and owners need to monitor to ensure client satisfaction, growth, and the overall health of the agency.

Customer Experience

Guard the prospect/customer experience in order to keep existing – and attract new – business.  Step into a client’s perspective while reviewing touch-points including your office, online presence, and phone and email interactions to ensure all public contacts support your agency’s mission and vision. Know that client service standards are being met by putting a system in place to monitor weekly or monthly Activities, Suspense, Documents, Renewals, Downloads, Expired Policies, and New Business transactions. Ensure staff have proper training, are adhering to agency procedures and standards, working efficiently, and nurturing positive relationships with clients.

Cross Selling Initiatives

Round out accounts with programs and initiatives that encourage cross selling in all client interactions. Run Target lists from your management system for marketing and monitor results. Institute a Coverage of the Month program focusing on specific coverages so your employees sell more and reduce coverage gaps thus better serving customers.

A Procedure Manual

Have a well-written, complete, and actively USED procedure manual.  This is critical to limiting operating cost, E&O exposure, and ensure customers are delivered a consistently positive experience.  Auditing procedures to ensure compliance should occur regularly.

If you find that your passion and energy are better spent developing new and existing client relationships, our Virtual Operations Management service would be a great fit for your agency! Call us at (888)485-7779 or visit our website to learn more and request samples of our customizable dashboards that will help you manage your agency in less time allowing you the freedom to do what you do best!

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