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We all know an apple a day doesn’t really keep the doctor away.  Just like having an accountant or accounting team working daily doesn’t prevent underlying issues that put your agency’s financial health at risk.

What is the condition of your agency’s financial health?

Angela Adams Consulting Services offers two great solutions to provide you with the peace of mind you need and/or the direction and expertise you need to ensure your agency’s accounting is healthy, well-balanced, efficient, and tidy!

Agency Report Card
VCFO Snapshot
Ground-level view of agency accounting, processes, and efficiency.

  • In-depth review of GL accounts
  • Company payables balance review
  • Direct Bill review
  • Verify all system processes are being run correctly
Birdseye, big-picture review of overall agency financial health.

  • Trust Ratios
  • Balance Sheet review
  • Trending P&L


With tools like the Report Card and Snapshot, we’ve helped clients uncover potential risks to their agency (like fraud and mismanagement of funds).  We’ve shown countless agencies how to streamline processes and clean up your General Ledger to yield more reliable financials.  We’ve provided peace of mind to hundreds of managers like Janie!   Janie Ussery with Ragland, Stother & Lafitte, says:

“A few years ago we decided we needed to have someone look at our accounting to see how we were really doing when it came to keeping our books clean and up to date.  We had Angela Adams Consulting do a Report Card to provide thorough, honest feedback and direction on which areas needed attention. I’m proud to share we received great results and only had a couple of areas we needed to look into. Being able to have someone else validate that I was doing things correctly was so valuable.  Plus, it gave the owners peace of mind knowing that what they were seeing was correct.  I highly recommend every agency have a Report Card assessment.” 


Bundle & Save, receive both the Report Card and Snapshot for a total of $750. (That is a $250 discount!)

Want to learn more?  JOIN US! 

Register for FREE! Tammy Wickard will be showcasing how both the Report Card and VCFO Snapshot can be just what the doctor ordered for your agency!

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