Deal for Accounting Customers!

Use Doc360 for Accounting Processing

With the right setup, we can significantly improve the efficiency and security of delivering your Accounting Documents to the Angela Adams Accounting Team for processing. In addition, your agency will have the added benefit of viewing all accounting documents that are pending.

No more emailing files! No equipment needed! Simply store your unprocessed documents in your management system, and we will process them!

Improved Security

Sensitive information never leaves your agency’s database and sits vulnerable in someone’s email inbox.  Documents become permanent record in your Agency Management System.

 Improved Visibility

Your team can see progress and get up-to-date information whenever needed. Processed Accounting Documents are then attached to the appropriate company, bank, or center.

Improved Efficiency

By eliminating time-consuming email transactions, your Angela Adams Consulting team can process your agency’s work faster.

We are offering a special deal for our clients. Our consultant will ensure your Doc360/MyDocuments is setup properly and train your employees how to use it. Once complete, you can begin taking advantage of all the benefits of using Doc360 for accounting processing.

Setup & Training


Doc360 Setup and Security Review,  and Train Agency Staff on Doc360
*1 hour maximum for setup/training

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