COVID-19 Preparation and Response

Businesses across the country are preparing and responding to COVID-19: shuttering doors, providing services remotely, canceling events, and recommending you follow CDC guidelines. Your social feeds are inundated with health tips, warnings, updates, and clever ideas to pass the time in quarantine. Within each message, and ours is the echo of solidarity. We are in this together.

We are working hard to offer creative solutions to a problem none of us have ever faced before. Businesses will endure; your clients are relying on you… And you are counting on us!

As your trusted partner since 2001, our team is prepared! We’ve worked remotely for almost 20 years. We know the challenges, and we are ready to help your agency overcome them. As your agency is transitioning to a remote work environment, reach out to us. We can prepare your management system and your staff for a productive remote work environment.

We are equipped to help supplement with trained professionals should your agency experience staffing shortages, and we are poised to find creative solutions to problems that pop up along the way. As new challenges arise, let us know so we can get to work finding a solution fast.

Our team of 70+ U.S.-based professionals is optimistic and hopeful for the future. We are eager to help your staff use this quarantined time to sharpen skill sets. Ensure long-term agency viability by improving and streamlining operations, being proactive to anticipate client needs, and preparing your agency for the unknown ahead.

As we march forth into this age of uncertainty, you can be confident that our priority remains focused on the success of the independent insurance agency industry.

COVID-19 quarantine means that remote work has become a requirement for as many businesses as possible. Are your agency employees equipped with the technology, system access, and permissions they need to accomplish work at home effectively? Does your agency have clear procedures and policies for remote workers?

Our team can help prep your agency for a successful remote work environment.

Contact us to learn how we can ensure you have the necessary security setups, permissions, and productivity reports you need to have confidence in your remote staff.

Get Help with Remote Employee Setups

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