Closing Year End: Let’s officially end 2020 

It’s THAT time of year! Accounting year-end may look a little different for some (thanks COVID), but we will get through it together. Check out this quick video for a refresher on closing out the year in AMS360.

BONUS: Let’s check your month end review! Download our free checklist of the steps you need to accomplish before meeting with a CPA. This checklist is a good indicator of whether your year end will be a breeze or will need a deeper review. Having the items in this list prepared will save you time and money when presenting your financials to a CPA.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed preparing the reports to your CPA or your tax advisor needs to complete your agency’s tax returns. You may even need additional reports if you filed for PPE or are eligible for COVID tax relief. We are here to help! We’ll help you close 2020 and start this new year off on the right foot!

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