AMS360 Time Management Hacks Podcast

In this episode of Agency Performance Partner’s the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent podcast, host Kelly Donahue-Piro interviews Angela Painter, Senior Software Consultant at Angela Adams Consulting Services. AMS360 time management hacks — are they real? Do they exist?

In this episode of Agency Performance Partner’s the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent podcast, host Kelly Donahue-Piro interviews Angela Painter, Senior Software Consultant at Angela Adams Consulting Services. AMS360 time management hacks — are they real? Do they exist? Gather up your team and listen as Angela Painter from Angela Adams Consulting reviews their recommendations for speeding up your team to become more efficient.

Episode Highlights:

  • Angela shares her background. (2:25)
  • Angela shares the best practices of utilizing AMS360 on emails. (5:11)
  • Angela shares how agencies utilize suspense and activities. (9:46)
  • Angela differentiates between normal priorities and high priorities. (13:23)
  • Angela mentions why running suspense reports is key. (14:52)
  • Angela shares how the grouping activities feature works. (19:25)
  • Angela shares how to utilize Doc360. (26:08)
  • Angela shares the best ways of utilizing AMS360. (34:25)

Key Quotes:

“I actually look really smart, because you’ll call and realize ‘Oh, she’s following up for the endorsement.’ And, overall if you are putting in the right suspenses, they’ll remind you of those key things that you’re working with your customers on, which is important.” – Angela Painter
“I think we are in this interesting time when our diversity within an agency is so large. We have the spectrum of those starting in their career, which I’m excited about…o our more seasoned who are used to a certain workflow, right? We have this whole gamut, and it can even start at the top with an agency owner.” – Angela Painter
“I call that ‘Whatever’s keeping you up at night.” Whatever that is…s an agency owner, or management team… that might look different than when we get working with you and what your team needs. So, we evaluate all of that. And, I think you can understand some of the tools deeper, and how your agency would use them… versus just the generic overview.” – Angela Painter

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