Accounting Services Testimonials

“I just wanted to say how much your firm has meant to the success of our agency. Our association with you, which goes back over ten years now, has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to computing, accounting and customer service. I look forward to many more years of your continued services. As we grow and our needs change, I am confident that you will be there every step of the way and we will continue to reap the benefit of your experience and expertise.”

McEver & Tribble, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


“Angela Adams Consulting Services has truly been a lifesaver for our agency. When we converted to AMS about eighteen months ago, I can’t tell you how overwhelmed we were. We had the initial training that AMS provided, however it just wasn’t enough. I didn’t understand the accounting at all, but was determined to utilize the system to its fullest. I found Angela through a desperate plea on an email and had an immediate response, which led to onsite training shortly thereafter. We continued throughout the year to have individual training on the web with the help of her support staff. It’s great to know that help is only an email away.”

Pablo Beach Insurance Group, LLC

Jacksonville, FL


“Each time I talk with anyone from your office I’ve been extremely pleased with their knowledge base, the manner in which information is presented/discussed and the follow-through. My rating would always be excellent!!!”

InLight Risk Management, LLC

Oklahoma City, OK


“If you are looking for help from training new employees, getting up to speed on new features of AMS360 or processing help, Angela and her team are the go to people.  With their years of experience and knowledge of what you do every day gives it that personal touch which gives you piece of mind knowing you will get great results.”


Ventura CA


“We have used Angela Adams Consulting for 8 years. When I started in business I did my own accounting for 2 years. During the 2 years I was bogged down doing accounting instead of producing. I turned all accounting functions over to Angela and never looked back. I can trust my reports are correct and my carriers get paid on time. If I were new in business I would hire Angela before I hired a CSR. Her service has made my life much easier as a business owner. You want someone in charge of accounting that knows insurance and knows insurance accounting. After all accounting is how you keep score in the game of business. I am glad to have Angela’s firm keeping score for me.”

R.F. Hull and Associates, Inc.

Tuscaloosa, AL


“We have been doing business with Angela Adams since 2006. Angela helped us through a very rough time after discovery that our long time controller was embezzling from the agency. Not only was she able to keep the accounting going but her team was able to look at what had happened and ease our minds as to the actual loss to the agency. Since that time her team of very talented people have helped us establish procedures in accounting along with training new accounting people. They have helped us with special projects and have always been very professional. We currently use them monthly to do certain accounting functions for us and I truly see them as one of our most trusted advisors.”  

McMahon Hadder Insurance Inc.

Pensacola, FL


“Angela Adams Consulting Services transferred all the account from one management system to AMS360 and did a great job for my agency. My agency does a lot of agency bill business since a big part of it is Commercial Oil & Gas Business I would say that 70% of my business is agency bill and Angela Adams Consulting Service was able to go pull all my future invoice and invoice them over to my new management system. I do not know what I would have done with out their help. They did it is a very timely manner and it was well worth having them do it for what it cost me.”

Lake Insurance Agency

Laverne, OK


“Angela Adams Consulting has done a great job with our accounting. We used to have our CPA and a part time CSR handle it. Switching to Angela Adams has helped us improve the quality of our reports and reduce our costs. The accountant we work with is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They have also been very helpful in helping us get the most out of AMS360.”  

Hendrickson Agency

Bloomington, MN


“The service Angela Adams provided relieved our workload due to being short staffed for a short period of time. We would of never been able to continue selling and servicing if we did not contract them to help us. They were very professional and listened to our needs. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

Guy Viti Insurance

Highwood, IL


“We have been a client of Angela Adams Consulting for over 10 years. We have been using their Company Payables and Financials services since 2007 and we are extremely happy with their service and knowledge of our management system and our accounts. We used their services thru the migration from AFW to AMS360 and were very helpful as they continue to be a great source of information for us today. The professionalism and continuity of their staff is top notch.  A big thanks to you and all your staff for taking care of us.”

Keys Insurance

Marathon, FL


“I can’t begin to tell you what a lifesaver Angela Adams Consulting Services has been for our agency! In 2010 when our bookkeeper who had been with us for 28 years finally retired at the age of 70, I was brought back out of retirement to do the bookkeeping and I’M NOT A BOOKKEEPER. But with the AAC, I was able to outsource a great deal of the accounting. I’m not sure how I would have survived the past year and a half it had not been for the assistance of your very capable employees.”  

Hooper, Spuhler & Sturgeon Insurance Services

Tulare, CA


“We have used Angela Adams Consulting in our Agency for many years now. The person assigned to our account has learned how to interact with our staff to do a very professional and efficient job for us. This is a great advantage to a small agency like ours, who would only have one employee in the role if we did not outsource. I have been extremely happy with our association with Angela Adams Consulting and would highly recommend them to any agency owner considering this type of service.” 

Oros Risk Solutions

Orlando, FL


“This service has been a Godsend for us. Kelly has been very accommodating during a difficult transition. You have all been very responsive to our needs. We appreciate that very much.”

InLight Risk Management

Oklahoma City, OK


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