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The Opportunity of a Lifetime….

Join our team to take what you love about working in the insurance industry to a whole new level. Serve people all over the country through hundreds of agencies by helping our clients do what they do best. Angela Adams Consulting is the premier resource for agencies providing advice, custom solutions, and remote services related to front and back office insurance agency operations.  Our Consultants, Trainers, Account Managers, Processors, and Insurance Specialists are the most elite professionals in the industry.  Become part of a team that truly values collaboration, innovation, and shining the light to success for all independent insurance agencies. 

Why Work Here

Work/Life Balance

Enjoy work and  personal life!  Our work schedule is flexible and most employees work from the comfort of home!

Health Care

Stay well.  Our full suite of health and wellness benefits are available to employees including health, dental, vision, and life/disability insurance products.


Invest in your future self.  Angela Adams Consulting offers a generous 401k retirement program with employer matching!


Take time off.  We offer vacation time to all full and part time employees including six paid holidays per year.


Grow with us. Extensive job training and our Lighthouse Academy is available to all employees – providing an abundance of opportunity for professional growth in a variety of areas.


Synergize. Join our extensive network of collaborative, team-oriented employees, and you’ll work with and learn from the most experienced professionals in their respective fields!


Work for the best! Angela Adams Consulting is the premier provider of insurance agency Consulting, Accounting, and Insurance Specialist Services.  We’ve pioneered remote working solutions and are paving the way to the future.  


Feel the love!  We take care of our team so they can take care of our clients. With multiple appreciation initiatives our employees are always recognized for their hard work and dedication.

We Love it Here!

“I am so fortunate to be able to work from home and manage a wonderful group of processors and work with the Account Managers on a daily basis. No day is the same for sure! It takes a team to make this job work and we have just that here at Angela Adams Consulting.”

~Junior Accounting Account Manager

“I was so excited when Angela reached out to me about joining the team. I was thrilled that I could continue to use the skills I had developed over my many years in accounting support.  Working from home is wonderful, and the flexible hours give me all the time I need to spend with my husband, kids and grandkids. All the people I work with here in my virtual world are the best!”

~Brenda Bevers, Processor

“Working for Angela and the people at Angela Adams Consulting has truly been a blessing. Angela is more than just a boss; she is a friend and I appreciate that very much.  She has given me more confidence in myself and continues to encourage me with each task.  I appreciate the opportunity she has given me.”

~Margaret Stahl, Regional Manager and Advisor

I love what I do!  Helping others with their accounting needs is very fulfilling.  Working from home is another huge perk.  I could not ask for a better job.  Angela Adams Consulting services provides the full package to both employees and customers!”

~Judy Chandler, Accounting Account Manager

I am so fortunate to work with a wonderful group of people and to have Angela as a boss and a dear friend.  She gives us so many opportunities to grow individually and professionally.”

~Kim Moriyama, Accounting Account Manager

I have seen the evolution of a small company with a few employees to what it is today: a “one stop shop” for independent agencies.  I have touched hundreds of customers and have never been bored!  There is always something new just around the corner.   I am grateful for the position I hold and plan to be here until I retire.”

~Debbie Dietz, Accounting Advisor and Regional Accounting Leader

I love this job, my customers, and the relationships with my coworkers. I am part of an amazing team!”

~Cary Williamson, Processor Leader

I am still here for pretty much the same reason I came to work 15 years ago.  I hope to retire from here!”

~Bridgett Harrison, Accounting Account Manager

The growth has been amazing to see over the years! As my family has also grown I have been able to adapt my work schedule to fit those needs. I love the flexibility and the people I work with!”

~Katie Morrow, Accounting Processor

I was skeptical at first, because a lot of people did not work from home in 2006, but I have learned so much and I am thankful every day.

Angela is a great boss and friend. She has a heart of gold!”

~Penny Couch, Accounting Account Manager

I am blessed to have a place to work, where every day is another opportunity to help others.”

~John Powell, Financial Analyst

“I wanted to work here because I knew the area I live in does not provide the growth and career opportunities I was seeking. I love my job because I love getting to learn & interact with so many people, agencies, & new situations. I’ve been given the ability to grow in ways I never imagined while being with my family more than I ever expected!”

~ Megan Latham, Trainer

“I started working for Angela Adams Consulting in 2019 after years of working for independent agencies. Right from the start, I was embraced and welcomed by everyone. I LOVE that I am not tied down to a 9 to 5 office job. Having a flexible schedule allows me to have a great home/work balance in my life. I work in various aspects of the insurance specialist position, and I learn something new every day. I like how everyone works together as a team even though we are not physically in the same location, and I can always count on assistance if I have a question. It feels amazing to work for a company that cares about their employees in a positive work environment. Joining this team was one of the best decisions of my life!”

~ Insurance Specialist

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