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Beyond software training, our consultants know what your team needs to be successful in the real world. Our consultants are some of the most sought-after trainers in the industry! They know your software and how your employees are supposed to be using it. They take the time to ensure your staff is confident and that the agency is maximizing the software’s capabilities while providing the utmost in quality service to insureds.

“Angela Adams Consulting gave us some great tools, resources, and recommendations for improved workflow. They have willingly given tips, valuable resources, and time to address my numerous questions! We are very fortunate that we encountered their experience, their quick understanding, and their people skills to partner with us! Their time here was extremely valuable to our agency and we are deeply appreciative!”

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8-Hour AMS360 New Hire Training Highlights

Need a deeper, more in-depth training for your employee?  We offer a 20-hour AMS360 training program!

Basic Navigation & Management

We start with essential navigation techniques, view options, and customizing search settings. Your team will master customer search, differentiating between suspects, prospects, and customers. We’ll also delve into profile questions, cross-references, and x-dates.

Customer Center Mastery

Your team will navigate the Customer Center with ease, learning to customize view options under each tab. We explore the Policy Center, selecting policies, and expanding for transaction information.  Moved to section below, more useful to demonstrate in searching for activities, doc’s.

Dec Page View Features & Customization

Discover the features of Dec Page View and learn how to customize views by removing premium, underwriting, and remarks.

Activity, Document, and Suspense Management

We provide an overview of activities, documents, and suspense items, ensuring your team stays on top of crucial tasks.  The use of “Control F” for quick finds and sortable columns will become second nature.

Adding Policies and Coverages

We guide your team through adding policies, covering the selection of type (CL/PL) and transactions (NB, RN, RW). Understanding the difference between insurance and brokerage companies, parent and writing companies, and check box options is essential. We’ll also explore the description field in the basic section. Adding policy coverages will be discussed, including what flows from customer setup, lines of business, default applications, policy templates, and policy shells.

E-Forms Applications and Certificates

Mastering E-Forms is crucial, including printing and refining options. Your team will gain proficiency in creating and managing applications and attachments, certificates, binders (including replacement), auto ID cards, and EPI’s.

Document Tab Utilization

The Document Tab’s importance in viewing existing E-Forms and sending copies of printed or emailed E-Forms will be thoroughly covered, along with a review of the My Docs Tab on the Home Center.

Workflow Optimization

We walk your team through New Business and Renewal processing, including the Dec Page View renewal icon and the check boxes on the renewal dialog box.

Endorsements and Cancellations

Initiating endorsements from Dec Page View, creating policy change forms in E-Forms, and utilizing the Compare feature will be discussed. Your team will explore both methods of canceling policy transactions, including LPR and Reinstatements.

Audit Management

Your team will gain insights into audits using expiration dates as the transaction date and the Compare feature for summary comparisons of estimated versus audited information.

Billing Workflows

The intricacies of billing workflows, including Installments, Premium Finance, Corrections, and Voids, will be explored, along with Customer A/R and A/P Tabs.

Claims Processing

Claims processing, focusing on contacts, creating loss notices, and accessing existing ACORD loss notices, will be covered.

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