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Lighthouse Academy

Lighthouse Academy

On-line, On-Demand, Agency-Specific

We provide online, on-demand, agency-specific training on operations, software capabilities, and more! Each session is produced by the most experienced trainers in the industry. Our Lighthouse Academy also provides access to hundreds of online courses in areas such as Microsoft Office, leadership, marketing, human resources, team building, communication, and other vital business skills your team needs to be successful. For more information about our Lighthouse Academy, please click here to fill out our connect form and one of our representatives will contact you.

Lighthouse Lessons

role-based, bite-sized, and power-packed!

Our live, online Lighthouse Lessons are the perfect solution to satisfy your desire to gain more expertise. Instead of point and click training, we take a different approach.

Role-based, bite-sized, and power-packed, these sessions are designed for the busy professional who needs fresh ideas on how to better use the tools they have already invested in. Lighthouse Lessons help to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.


Designed with Agency Leaders mind. We know you can’t sweat the small stuff and we understand where your attention needs to be to generate the most positive changes to the bottom line. Put this content to use and you will see results!


Here is where our bright ideas come to fruition! These courses will take you on a journey beyond the traditional use of your software and show you innovative ideas you can put to use right away!


We understand that teaching busy sales professionals is different than teaching other people in an agency. We have tailored these lessons just for them with ways to use agency resources to increase customer services and sales!


We translate our understanding of how your system should be used in a friendly, non-technical way so that staff feels empowered to go beyond the basics and achieve a higher level of efficiency and customer service!

Private Lessons


Online or in-person, individuals or large groups, new or seasoned employees, entry level or owners… we are capable and always excited to offer our training services to agencies all over the country! If your agency has a unique need, we are happy to design a session that works for you! Submit this form and a consultant will call you to discuss your agency’s request!

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