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Whether you are a new owner, existing owner, or transitioning into an ownership/principal role, you need to have access to someone you can count on.  Angela Adams Consulting Services is renowned in the industry for our exceptional understanding of agency operations and automation.  We help busy agency owners like you focus more time on what you do best and less time chasing problems behind the scenes.

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You need to learn from the BEST when it comes to running your agency operations. The best is here. Angela Adams knows what it takes to get you out of the weeds of operations and back in the driver’s seat of growing your business and nurturing relationships.  Take the first step today to stop feeling like you are constantly putting out fires. Contact us below to get started on your path mastering operations with less time and less stress! 


Meet the Agency Coaches

Margaret Stahl

Margaret’s passion for creating harmony and efficiency in agency operations has been evident since her early days as a Personal Lines Account Manager. She understands each behind-the-scenes role from systems admin, compliance, operations management, and HR. She coaches with a been-there-done-that mentality that helps everyone thrive.



Angela Adams

 Since 1985 Angela has been accumulating a broad and deep understanding of agency operations. In her experience, agency owners often struggle to prioritize the operational needs of their agency and, in turn, feel like they can never be proactive when it comes to tackling potential pitfalls.








Angela Painter

No one knows how to leverage AMS360 better than Angela Painter. Her strong software background, combined with her varied but in-depth experience in the insurance industry, makes her a powerhouse coach to maximize the investment in technology and minimize back-office stress!






Kevin Wheeler

Kevin’s expertise has earned him multiple recognitions from the insurance industry, including being honored twice as the National Louie E Woodbury Jr award by the leadership of NetVU and being selected as the agent of the year twice by PIA of Indiana. He has also served on the National NetVU board of directors and was elected Chair in 1999. Kevin has worked with Vertafore on several R&D committees and beta projects, including PL Rating, CL Submissions, AMS360, Producer Plus, and more.





Tammy Wickard

Since 1990, Tammy has been forging her expertise in insurance agency accounting, operations, and leadership. In 1999, she received the AAI designation. Tammy has an unparalleled ability to transition with ease between CFO level critical thinking and strategizing, to understanding every detail that contributes to perforamnce.  She thrives helping agencies plan and achieve long term success.





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