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We can shine the light to a whole new
level of success for your agency.

We can shine the light to a whole new level of success for your agency.



Angela Adams Consulting is the premier resource for independent agencies providing advice, custom solutions, and remote services related to front and back office insurance agency operations.

Our clients have driven our evolution towards becoming a full-service insurance consulting firm. As agency challenges evolve, so do our services. Our exclusive team of consultants, accountants, and insurance specialists has a passion for thinking outside the box and a relentless approach to success. We pride ourselves on moving beyond obstacles created by software, outdated processes, or inexperience. We promote healthy conversations to solve problems and ask the right questions to encourage new ways of thinking. We understand that each client has a unique culture, goals, market segments, and environment, so we work hard to customize solutions that will yield the best results for their distinct needs.

Our real-world approach coupled with proven agency-building experience create the perfect environment for the development of strong ideas that are both strategic and effective, providing clients with exciting, integrated agency solutions. We are continually focusing on increasing knowledge and making sure our clients are receiving the absolute best advice.

Hundreds of agencies across the country know they can always count on our team for the right answers and the best solutions. We earn and maintain their trust because we genuinely care about their success and what is best for the independent agency.

Team Members

Angela Adams




Angela has 30 years of experience working in all aspects of insurance agencies. Starting in agency accounting in 1985, Angela has worked as an Agency Owner, Chief Financial Officer, and Commercial and Marketing Manager. With 19 years of insurance agency consulting experience under her belt, Angela has also been a regular speaker at the AMS National Users’ Group Conferences and teaches local AMS Users’ Groups throughout the country.


Margaret Stahl, CIC

Advisor, Regional Manager

Jeanne Stark


Elizabeth Meyer, ACSR, CAM


Tammy Wickard, CISR


Angela Painter

Advisor, Regional Manager

Dan Allen


Kimberly Edwards, CISR


Stephanie King


Louvenia Willis


Kevin Dickmann


Renee Marshall

Advisor, Regional Manager

Liz Rodriguez, AIA


Kim Nevinger, CIC


Robin Easterlin, AIAM, CISR

Process & Project Coordinator


Megan Latham, CISR

Insurance Specialists Department manager

Jessica Brinkerhoff

Account Manager

Ashley McMullan, CISR

Account Manager

Amber Hendrick

Account Manager


Tammy Harness

Director of Accounting

Jennifer Rumple

Accounting Coordinator

John Powell

Account Manager

Debbie Dietz, CISR

New Client Advisor

Faye Brewer

Account Manager

Bridgett Harrison

Account Manager

Judy Chandler

Account Manager

Melissa Simpson

Account Manager

Penny Couch

Account Manager

Adrienne Deveaux

Account Manager

Kim Moriyama

Account Manager

Susan Rios

Account Manager

Joy Gosnell

Account Manager

Mary Bruce

Account Manager

Michael Withers

Junior Account Manager

Ethan Rutland

Junior Account Manager

Stacey Higgins

Junior Account Manager

Why Choose Us?


Regardless of what stage your business is in Angela Adams is a great accelerator of change.  We would not be where we are today if it was not for the AA team.  Investing in Angela Adams has been a positive Return On Investment.  Having established relationship with Angela Adams we can scale the amount of services we use to meet our immediate need.”

Ryan T. Miller CIC
Miller Insurance, Tualatin, OR

I highly recommend using Angela Adams Consulting. They thoroughly prepared us for our conversion to AMS360 from the initial set up to and including all facets of client services. Our people felt much more at ease with the change because of Angela and her staff.”

Mark S. Gilbert, CIC
Gilbert Insurance, Reading, MA

A big THANK YOU for the instruction you provided to our staff! You gave us some great tools and resources! I want to personally thank you for your recommendations for improved workflow. You have willingly given tips, valuable resources, and time to address my numerous questions! We are very fortunate that we encountered someone with your experience, your quick understanding, and your people skills to partner with us! Your time here was extremely valuable to our agency and we are deeply appreciative!”

Kelly Winslow, CPCU
Whorton Insurance Services, Austin, TX

Angela Adams works closely with one of my CSRs to get checks cut, expenses logged, income reported, policy information reported, corrected and everything else done proficiently and always perfectly. In short, I don’t know what I would do without my account manager at Angela Adams. Even my CPA remarks on how clean our books are, which saves me time and money with him at year end. If you are looking for a competent contractor that you can trust with your agency’s books I strongly recommend that you work with Angela Adams.”

Clifford C. Hansen
Insurance of the San Juans, Telluride, CO

Hiring Angela Adams Consulting has been one of best decisions we have made for our agency since going with AMS 360. Our consultant, Renee Marshall, has done an outstanding job in assessing and helping us with utilization and best practices. Renee has become a member of our agency family, truly exemplifying a genuine caring for us to be the best agency possible. I highly recommend the Angela Adams Group.”

Richard H. Pardue
S.S. Nesbitt & Co., Inc., Birmingham, AL

Angela Adams Consulting Services transferred all the account from one management system to AMS360 and did a great job for my agency. I do not know what I would have done with out their help. They did it is a very timely manner and it was well worth having them do it for what it cost me.”

Don L. Burke
Lake Insurance Agency, Laverne, OK

I hired Angela to train the agency that converted to 360 from Applied and to come into our agency and answer the many questions that the staff had on workflow. It was money well spent. She did an excellent job with the new agency and made me and the staff very happy by showing us simple shortcuts and little tricks to make our workflow much easier.”

Cheryl D. Huff
Chastain & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc., Athens, GA

THANK YOU for allowing us to have Tammy on our side. Tammy has helped me learn accounting in a matter of two months and she did not make me feel uncomfortable asking her, what I call “stupid questions.” She would take the time and explain each piece so that I could move forward. I not only consider Tammy an amazing consultant but a friend as well.”

Letha O’Neil Wiseman
Herbie Wiles Insurance Agency, St. Augustine, FL

Your services were extremely helpful in our transition from AfW to AMS360. Angela Adams Consulting made a big difference in our migration. They simplified the many back office options with AMS360. They also helped with efficient workflows. There are many alternatives and decisions to be made in the migration process, but Angela Adams Consulting simplified these for us and we were able to make good decisions in a timely manner through their guidance.”

Vance Stine
Sifford-Stine Insurance, Clover, SC

Renee did a terrific job of taking care of us as we transitioned from Back-end scanning (with CBD) to Front-end scanning (with Doc360). As you know, this conversion is a work-in-progress, but our staff felt very comfortable as we are “live” with our new scanning procedures. A great deal of that comfort is attributed to Renee’s Webinars and her sideline coaching of our implementation staff. She went above and beyond!”

Shawn K. Morrisey
The Reilly Company, Leavenworth, KS

Angela Adams Consulting has worked with our agency for the past 10 years and has been very helpful in helping our agency grow. Angela has worked with us in various capacities including consulting, accounting, and training our Customer Service Representatives with Vertafore. I would highly recommend Angela Adams Consulting Services.”

Bubba Bates
Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance, Irondale, AL

Angela Adams Consulting is a professional, customer driven organization. It’s refreshing to deal with an organization that understands accounting and client services specific to our industry and pricing that can’t be beat. Your service team has done an amazing job handling our business and find great comfort knowing my accounting needs are being handled with care and urgency. Working with Angela Adams Consulting has been a pleasure.”

Bart Le Fevre
Commercial Global Insurance Services of CA, LLC, Irvine, CA

I just wanted to say again how much your firm has meant to the success of our agency. Our association with you, which goes back over ten years now, has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to computing, accounting and customer service. I look forward to many more years of your continued consulting services. As we grow and our needs change, I am confident that you will be there every step of the way and we will continue to reap the benefit of your experience and expertise.”

Robert McEver
McEver & Tribble, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Angela Adams is full of knowledge and tips for AMS360 users. She came to our agency and hit the ground running. Our people and our agency has already seen the benefits of her 3 day visit. We can’t wait to have her back!!”

Anna Byers
J.S. Ward and Son, Roswell, NM

I truly believe that the reason our agency operates so smoothly now on the AMS system is because of the training, follow-up and continued involvement of Angela. Simply put, Angela is the best, and I am glad we found her. Besides her computer and AMS knowledge, she is very sharp in insurance and has been a big help to me many times in coverage and market issues. With all that said, now let me tell you the most important part of my relationship with Angela- she is a good friend who always does the very best to help me out when I call her. Thanks Angela!”

Joe B. Morton
Ripley Insurance Agency, Ripley, MS

If you are looking for help from training new employees, getting up to speed on new features of AMS360 or processing help, Angela and her team are the go to people. With their years of experience and knowledge of what you do every day gives it that personal touch which gives you piece of mind knowing you will get great results.”

Kevin Dickmann
TWIW Ventura, CA

Our staff attending the AMS conventions have always enjoyed learning from you and your associates. I felt we needed to improve the efficiencies in our Commercial Dept and had Cathy Biby,from your team, in our office for a 2 day visit. Her time spent with us is paying dividends and while we have some more work to do it was tremendous to have her expertise front and center. After she helps design some needed forms we fully intend to have her back with us on an annual basis whether by phone or in person. The ROI is quite evident.”

Gerald Magner
Meeker-Magner Company , Des Plaines, IL

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